Conclusion Service “Finalize”

This plan is for the couple who desires to enjoy planning their own wedding and wishes to retain a planner in the end to finalize their plans.

This plan includes:

  • Complimentary consultation interview
  • Up to 10 hours Event Day Coordination
  • Three (3) personal meetings with coordinator including:

Two personal meetings for planning:

1. Final Meeting ~ finalize details (approximately 1-2 months prior to Event)

  • Finalize minute-to-minute timeline including all formalities (final draft sent for approval week prior to event)
  • Assist in reviewing catering Banquet Event Order (final draft of BEO sent for approval week prior to event)
  • Assist with ceremony walking order and first-row seating (final diagram sent for approval week prior to event)
  • Review of all vendors services, their contracting and responsibilities
  • Finalize transportation needs and inventory of all wedding items (final confirmation week of event)
  • Finalize family and wedding party needs
  • Create and provide ‘final’ personal to-do check list
  • Assist in seating chart preparation (final floor plan provided week prior to event)
  • Touch base to pack and organize all wedding items to be brought to rehearsal (week of wedding)

2. Final confirmation of details with coordinator (week of event)

One personal vendor meeting:

Final detail meeting with Caterer or Venue manager

Additional planning includes:

  • Unlimited advise and guidance consultation
  • Unlimited calls, texts and e-mailing
  • Professional advice on etiquette
  • Guidance with hotel reservations and final rooming list
  • Color pallet reviewed and understood (to assure combinations blend in total vision on day-of)
  • Menu card and program preparation guidance
  • Guidance with rehearsal dinner locations (if needed)
  • Guidance with marriage license attainment and information
  • Final information package sent to all vendors (e-mailed 7 days prior to event)
  • Final contact to all vendors (to review & confirm all details pertaining to their service)
  • Rehearsal conduction and instruction
  • Inventorying of all wedding accessory items (collection at rehearsal)
  • Assistants are $250 each (quoted in initial contracting)
  • Embellish suite romantically on your wedding night (if in close proximity)
  • Includes complete wedding day services (see list below)

Complete Wedding Day Services

(The following day-of services are included in every plan offered)

  • Guidance through your entire day to remain on schedule and enjoy
  • At your service attention for you, your family and wedding party members
  • Oversee photographers and ensure that photography runs on time
  • Oversee all personal floral disbursement
  • Directing and supervising all professional services during set-up
  • Ensuring all vendors are fulfilling their contract obligations
  • Oversee implementation and installation of design & decor
  • Setting and placement of all wedding accessory items, such as:
    sign-in book, programs, seating cards, cake servers, toast glasses etc…
  • Issue last minute payments for vendors and gratuities at the event conclusion
  • Greet your guests and direct them to the ceremony
  • Gather and line-up all family and members of the wedding party for ceremony
  • Prompt you for your special moment down the aisle
  • Cue all musicians for the timing of a prompt ceremony
  • Ensure the guests are properly routed to the cocktail reception
  • Ensure photography resumes timely and smoothly
  • Ensure that servers greet you with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails after ceremony
  • Ensure that all florals and decor are transferred to reception
  • Ensure all gifts are transferred to the proper suite, or vehicle for security
  • Assist your Maid of Honor in bustling your gown
  • Ensure the reception room is ready for your entrance (all candles lit)
  • Ring chimes to route guests to the reception
  • Attend the seating card table and guide guests into the reception
  • Organize the line-up for the grand entrance and cue the MC
  • Make certain you and your family have everything you need at the reception
  • Oversee and ensure all formalities at the reception run seamlessly
  • Inventory and pack all wedding accessory items and route to designated place
  • Embellish your suite romantically on your wedding night (if in close proximity)
  • Final check at conclusion of celebration
  • Cheers to you and congratulations!


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