To the Aisle

It can be a long walk to that short aisle and I have a passion for making that journey easier! This page is dedicated to every couple who is considering hiring a professional wedding coordinator. The question that newly engaged couples most frequently ask is… Do I need an event planner?

The answer to this question is yes!  You absolutely need a wedding planner for today’s wedding and you can afford to have one. Please allow me to explain. Having a professional wedding planner is not necessarily a luxury anymore; rather, it has become a necessity. It can be unpleasant to spend the entire process of planning your wedding overwhelmed. Hiring a professional wedding coordinator will allow you to relax, have fun and enjoy the memorable experience. Also, with respect to budget considerations, we wish to work with you in a fashion where we are incorporating the costs for coordination in your financial plan from the beginning. We commit ourselves to keeping you on target and within your resources throughout the entire planning of your wedding.

An engagement is a time for you to enjoy spending time with each other, your family and close friends. It is a time to be intimate while sharing your wonderful news with others. Our goal is for this special time in your life to be extraordinary.

Making the Decision

Once you have made the choice to retain a wedding coordinator… congratulations on making the decision to get to the aisle with style! Should you decide to retain our services, we begin by working side by side with you personally until your special day arrives. I will look forward to getting to know you, your family, and all your friends. On the day of your wedding, I will never leave your side. That is my devotion to you as you prepare for your special moment. Your excitement will grow as you anticipate greeting your betrothed. I will become your mind reader almost knowing what you need before you even ask. This is something  my former bride’s always praise me for.

My staff of course, will be on the other end and everywhere that I am not. Most of my staff members are professional wedding coordinators as well. This means that you will have two qualified coordinators on for the day of your wedding. Their job is to attend to every detail and oversee the vendors, setup and design.

My staff and I thank you for considering us. Should you decide that you are comfortable with our services and we harmonize, we will make it our mission to be committed to you and your family until the very end when we bid to you our goodbyes and send you off on your honeymoon.


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