Locations – Wedding Planning

By far the most important decision in the beginning stages of planning a wedding is finding the perfect wedding location. Finding that exceptional venue for your special day can take time and work.

The location you select sets the tone for your event. It expresses your style as a couple and gives your guests a whisper about the wedding they will attend. From the moment they receive your first correspondence (save-the-date or invitation) and discover the wedding location, they also discover a little bit of you!

I specialize in site touring. This means that I will analyze what you are looking for in a location, review your criteria, research your needs and provide a tour to view the sites. A typical day of touring includes about 10 to 12 properties. While we are touring, I will brief you on each location. I will answer any questions that you might have, as well as inform you of all the up-to-date requirements, rental fees, minimums, menu programs and all the wonderful things that are included.

In our twenty-five years of event production and wedding planning, our coordinators have had the pleasure of working at almost every significant location in Southern California from the Biltmore Santa Barbara to the Hotel Del Coronado. If you are still in search, allow us to assist you in finding the perfect location that is both spectacular and extraordinary for you. If you have already selected your site, congratulations!

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