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The wedding planning package you select for your wedding depends greatly on how much or how little your needs are for coordination. The number of meetings that I need with you varies with each plan. However, typically even with the lower (more independent) plans there is a minimum of at least four planning meetings.  The pricing of my wedding planner packages are reasonably set according to the one that you select.

As a wedding planner, I work in a very detailed fashion with my clients. Therefore when we begin, I set the planning schedules in three parts. The first comprehensive planning meeting to set you on schedule, a mid-meeting and a finalize consultation. I prefer to have more meetings rather than less for the preparation of any wedding or event. It is a very fun process of working and we take our time with each meeting; designing as we go along. Every meeting we hold brings us closer to finalizing.

I invite you to enjoy reading through my plans. When we make an appointment to meet, I will be happy to help you select the plan that is perfect for you and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

Full-Service “Hand-Held” Wedding Coordination

This plan is for the couple who wishes to have ‘Carte-Blanche’ Wedding Planning from the very beginning until you’re off on your honeymoon!
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Full-Service “Side by Side” Wedding Planning

This plan provides the same full service as the above ‘Carte-Blanche.’ The only difference is the planner is not desired at every vendor meeting.
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Full-Service “Down the Aisle” Wedding Planning

This plan provides Full~Service Planning for the couple who wishes to be more independent and attend most of their own vendor meetings.
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“Finalize” Wedding Planning

This plan is for the couple who planned their own event and wishes to retain a planner in the end to finalize their wedding plans.
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A’ la Carte

Additional special services you may choose to add to your plan or request as separate assistance.
Details about A’ la Carte Wedding Planner Services…

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