Partial Full-Service “Down the Aisle”

This plan provides Partial Full-Service for the couple who is mid-way-through and has had more time to lend to the planning of their wedding.

This plan includes:

  • Complimentary consultation interview
  • Budget review
  • Provide and oversee all catering and venue schematics, diagrams & floor plans
  • Unlimited professional guidance and consultation
  • Development and understanding of design concept, look & style (creation of color pallet combinations)
  • Guidance with selection of floral designer (if not selected)
  • Referral and guidance with gown, bridesmaids dresses and groom’s attire
  • Provide recommendations for makeup artists and hair stylists
  • Attendance of meetings (included in this plan)
  • Assist all vendors with their event needs and requirements to work venue
  • Oversee management of catering and banquet services
  • Review catering proposal and contract (food, bar, rentals, linens, chairs, dance floor, tables and settings)
  • Assistance with ordering specialty rental and decor items
  • Coordination with selecting & obtaining guests gifts (favors)
  • Review of all contracts and proposals
  • Hotel accommodation and reservation assistance
  • Meetings with coordinator includes:

Two personal planning meetings:

1. Mid way through meeting (with custom start package created at mid-point)

  • Create or update minute-to-minute timeline (including all formalities)
  • Coordinate and order all specialty rental and decor items
  • Present Schedule for Coordination (targets where you are in the planning of your event)
  • Present Month by Month Wedding Planner (check list for each month prior to event)
  • Determine the established style, look and theme (create the color pallet cards)
  • Reveiw invitation send-out & respond dates
  • Review hours of coverage’s contracted with professional services
  • Review transportation needs
  • Review entire planning schedule
  • Review and update of all vendors and their event responsibilities
  • Create mid-way-through personal check list

2. Final Meeting ~ finalize details (approximately 1-2 months prior to Event)

  • Finalize timeline (final draft sent for approval week prior to event)
  • Assist in reviewing catering Banquet Event Order (final draft of BEO sent for approval week prior to event)
  • Assist with ceremony walking order and first-row seating (final diagram sent for approval week prior to event)
  • Final review of all vendors and their responsibilities
  • Finalize transportation needs and inventory of all wedding items (final confirmation week of event)
  • Finalize family and wedding party needs
  • Create and provide ‘final’ personal check list
  • Assist in seating chart preparation (final floor plan provided week prior to event)
  • Touch base to pack and organize all wedding items to be brought to rehearsal (week of wedding)

Two Personal Vendor Meetings for planning:

1. Floral Designer
2. Final detail meeting with caterer or floral designer (your choice)

Additional planning includes:

  • Unlimited referral for all vendors needed (entire planning process)
  • Unlimited advise and guidance consultation (entire planning process)
  • Unlimited calls, texts and e-mailing (entire planning process)
  • Professional advice on etiquette (entire planning process)
  • Guidance with hotel room-blocks
  • Color pallet cards developed and created (for design concept, style and look)
  • Invitation, save-the-date, and all stationery review and production guidance
  • Guidance with rehearsal dinner
  • Guidance with marriage license attainment and information
  • Final information package sent to all vendors (e-mailed 7 days prior to event)
  • Final contact to all vendors (to review & confirm all details pertaining to their service)
  • Rehearsal conduction and instruction
  • Inventorying of all wedding accessory items (collection at rehearsal)
  • Assistants are $250 each (quoted in initial contracting)
  • Includes complete wedding day services (see list below)

Complete Wedding Day Services

(The following day-of services are included in every plan offered)

  • Coordinator ‘on site’ by your side… arriving at your bridal suite
  • Guidance through your entire day to remain on schedule and enjoy
  • ‘At your service’ attention for you, your family and wedding party members
  • Receive photographer and ensure that photography runs on time
  • Receive all personal flowers, organize and disperse
  • Directing and supervising all professional services during set-up
  • Ensuring all vendors are fulfilling their contract obligations
  • Oversee implementation and installation of design & decor
  • Setting and placement of all wedding accessory items, such as:
    sign-in book, programs, seating cards, cake servers, toast glasses etc…
  • Issue last minute payments for vendors and gratuities at the event conclusion
  • Greet your guests and direct them to the ceremony
  • Gather and line-up all family and members of the wedding party for ceremony
  • Prompt you for your special moment down the aisle
  • Cue all musicians for the timing of a prompt ceremony
  • Ensure the guests are properly routed to the cocktail reception
  • Ensure photography resumes timely and smoothly
  • Ensure that servers greet you with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails after ceremony
  • Ensure that all florals and decor are transferred to reception
  • Ensure all gifts are transferred to the proper suite, or vehicle for security
  • Assist your Maid of Honor in bustling your gown
  • Ensure the reception room is ready for your entrance (all candles lit)
  • Ring chimes to route guests to the reception
  • Attend the seating card table and guide guests into the reception
  • Organize the line-up for the grand entrance and cue the MC
  • Make certain you and your family have everything you need at the reception
  • Oversee and ensure all formalities at the reception run seamlessly
  • Inventory and pack all wedding accessory items and route to designated place
  • Embellish suite romantically on your wedding night (if in close proximity)
  • Final check at conclusion of celebration
  • Cheers to you and congratulations!


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